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Vibing in Valentino

Aug 28, 2020

Nicole shares 5 important things she's learned from starting and growing VIV from Season 1 until now. These lessons can be applied to anything in life- starting a business, starting a project, fighting for your promotion, a relationship... a motivational pep-talk for anyone who needs it! 


Aug 21, 2020

This minisode is the UPDATED version of the Hair Growth Hacks episode from Season 1! Includes new hacks, tips and tricks for how to grow your longest, healthiest hair! 

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@bodybyvibingco for the diet/fitness tips from Nicole

Aug 7, 2020

In Season 2 finale, Nicole finishes up the summary of Robert Greene's Art of Seduction. Part 2 is all about the seduction process, which has 4 phases. Learn all about how to seduce people to become easier to manipulate, to become obsessed with you or simply learn about what tactics people may be using on you so...